Valentine’s day celebration 2016

Knowledge Professional Forum (KPF) conducted an event “Love beyond Gender & Caste” in Besant Nagar Beach on 14th February 2016 on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.  The role & importance of love in human life is quite visible and clear to everyone’s eyes. But, most of the people in our country think that love is hidden behind caste. Some other people approach love with gender bias, they are of the opinion that love by a particular gender is not strong and unreal. As we can clearly see such propaganda is set by people who are in decision making place. For years the love of underprivileged and weaker sections of the society were condemned and criticized by powerful section of the society. The incidents of moral policing and caste violence against love are evident facts of such propaganda and are unhealthy for our society.

We all understand that love is not eternal & immutable rather socially constructed. If this is the case then, why to put so much burden and hurdle on love. Love, an emotion that inspires us to live for others and sometimes to continue living is natural and sublime. Such an emotion should not be dealt with intolerance. KPF set out to spread the message “Celebrate love beyond caste, religion & gender” on Valentine’s Day by distributing pamphlets and discussing with people gathered. With this effort together let us start to redesign the country without violence and with only love.