Jayabalan KPF

Report of Facts Finding Team in Jayabalan issue.

Dear Friends,

On 1st of February 2016, Jayabalan, an IT employee from Trichy, who was working near Tidel Park(Ramanujam IT Park) attempted suicide and remanded in Puzhal Prison for a few days and released in bail now.

Immediatlely after the issue was reported in media, a team of KPF volunteers and NDLF IT wing activists visted the spot and gathered information on what really happend.

Most of the media when reporting the news, potrayed Jayabalan as pshycologically unstable, but local people who witnessed the incident told us how he was keen on getting media attention towards layoff and injustice happened to him and his colleagues.

Police handled him brutally without considering his stressful pshycholgical situation, foisted cases on him and sent him to jail.

On 1st of February(Monday) he was arrested and taken to Saidapet, J1 police station.

On 2nd of February(Tuesday) Jayabalan was transfered to Puzhal Prision.

After multiple failed attempts to get more information from police station, we finally got his parents contact details and spoke to his mother.

Jayabalan’s father was working in BHEL, trichy and passed away in an accident. He did his engineering with support from his sister.

After his studies, he came to Chennai to search for job.

His mother told us how she feel guilty about making him study in Tamil medium and if he might have done his studies in English medium he could have retained his job and would have reached great heights.

Jayabalan was not paid two months salary and overtime he did during rains.

When we asked about how we can help her and Jayabalan, she asked us to take this issue to the notice of CM.

What happened to Jayabalan is not an isolated issue, many of his colleagues have faced this issue but only Jayabalan brought it to lights. Salute to his bravery.

We stand with him and other affected employees for truth and justice.

Fellow Professionals