Report of Fact Finding Team visit to DLF IT Park

Dear friends,

You might have heard about the rumours on loss of life went around DLF IT Park, and the difficulties faced by IT Professionals working there, when they attempted to recover their vehicles.

DLF authorities have failed to communicate the damage caused to infrastructure and employees vehicles, more over, they have acted rudely to the employees who came to recover their vehicles after the heavy rains.

This communication failure has lead to speculations about casualties inside DLF due to rain followed by flood and confusion among fellow IT Professionals about the status of their vehicles and their friends who were missing.

We have taken this situation in hand and conducted a fact finding visit on 10th of December 2015 around 6 PM, with a three point demands in our hands.

We were initially not allowed by the security officials to speak to management authorities to clarify our demands, later after an hour of waiting, we met Mr. Ravi, Chief of Operations, DLF and his deputy officer who clarified all our demands and queries.

For benefit of our fellow IT Professionals of DLF, please find the demands and official responses below,

Demand 1: Release internal damage reports to public.
Official Response: Parking lot is flooded when lakes were opened immediately after heavy rains, around 600 two wheelers and four wheelers are stuck under water inside the basement. Due to electrical problems and possibilities of electrocution, employees are not allowed inside the premises. As first step, by coming week half of the park will resume operations. But it if still not clear on when vehicles can be recovered fully as water yet to drain.

Demand 2: Clarify about the loss of life rumour.
Official Response: There has been no casualties, enough warnings were given at various phases and entire park is evacuated during the floods. DLF IT Park is built with high compliance of security and safety measures, it is a very few parks which holds safety certificate of UK. Some frustrated employees who came to recover their vehicles along with some publicity seeking elements created this rumour.

Demand 3: Apologise for rude behaviour of security officials to IT Professionals.
Official Response: In order to prevent any loss of life, we have been strict in not allowing anyone inside, till recovery work completes, this triggered frustration and anger when employees visited to take their vehicle after rains. Due to the unexpected situations it has happed, our management will ensure proper communication in future and prevent such happenings.

Though the officials response seems legit, loss of employees vehicles in several hundred numbers shows the lack of proper infrastructure and communication failure from DLF authorities side.

To fellow IT Professionals, always comply with the rules of campus, hand over keys of vehicles when it is expected to be parked above 24 hours. For claiming insurance, be ready on any day of coming week to take the damaged pictures of vehicles, 15 days is the limit to claim an insurance, Already 10 days gone.

Fellow IT Professionals
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