Open Discussion on Automation

Hello Professionals at OMR, There you are!!

Welcome to Knowledge Professionals Forum first of all. A place where IT employees get together!!

Well first of all as you saw in the pamphlet, we are here to discuss on automation! The mantra that industry is chanting now. From very big MNCs to middle scale companies started targeting this word. IT automation has become the most prioritized task for the industry.

Its time for us to know understand that how this affects our jobs. We may be working in different areas, some of us may be doing LEVEL 1 or LEVEL 2 support in some technology, some may be working on tools for data analytics, documentation, etc., some may be merely working in some office tools like Excel or Word!!. So how does this process of automation affects us. What are the direct and indirect imprecations of this as an IT employee? We are meeting  to understand this.

So what we are going to discuss?

Well, when we say automation is happening in industry it means something to all of us. What it means for an IT employee is what the central point of our discussion.

Will this automation help IT professionals?

What happens when a large scale automation project happens in the industry?

Is it something merely new trend in the industry or does this have impact on our jobs as well?

How the future goes for IT employees with this ongoing trend?

What is the trend some of the famous IT companies known in the industry in automation and its implication on employees!?

These are some of the questions that we try to answer and understand.  So please turn up for the event and bring your friends too. After all we are not going to turn up to understand what is happening around us then who will !!!!?

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