News Reports about Hunger Strike against L&T Infotech



The L&T Infotech 2014 recruits whose offer of Intent was cancelled by L&T in March 2016 Staged a Hunger Strike on 30-May-2016. This is was an attempt to bring to spotlight the unethical practices in Indian IT industry and to demand Justice of the affected recruits. KPF as a support forum for IT employees Organised the students and arranged the strike. Various media has covered this issue. The details are as follows.

DNA India: 

L&T Infotech withdraws 1,500 offer letters; students left in lurch

The Times of India : 

L&T Infotech withdraws offer letters

New Indian express: 

L&T rejected candidates face stigma in other interviews


After Flipkart, now L&T leaves students in a lurch, as tech arm withdraws 1,500 job offers

The Hindu: 

Students protest as firm withdraws offers

Business Standard: 

After Flipkart fiasco, L&T Infotech now withdraws offer letters to 1,500 students

Business Standard:

News18 : 

Hundreds of Students Livid as L&T Infotech Withdraws Letter of Intent,500-job-offer-letters.html?psource=Home-Category