Event Report: Angular Js Hands-on Workshop – Tech Corridor

We IT professionals get together for many social gatherings, entertainment activities, even for some technical knowledge sharing sessions & learning. Most of the times in
such gatherings we fail to identify ourselves as an entity of a large and still growing economic sector. The KPF team felt that the IT professionals should get together to learn, share, explore things as a community to strengthen our career, employment, life and our industry as a whole.

Without any doubt Technology is our primary skill to survive in this industry. Tech corridor is one such initiative by KPF to learn the technology in its true sense to make it useful for the society we are in and not only to help complete our tasks in office. As an introductory session we have conducted a knowledge sharing session on the framework Angular Js.

Mr. Raj has delivered the session on 21-7-2015 at “@Works” -Kanthanchavadi. As intended he not only introduced AngularJS structure, code & functions but also he discussed about its Implications, Usage, Needs, and Updates. His session was very informative and the hand on session was useful to start of the learning at the same time.

The session was attended mostly by engineers in the entry level who all have really enjoyed the session and admitted that they have acquired good knowledge. They were all excited about the hands on session and opinioned to be part of many such sessions which KPF organizes.

At the end all who were present for the session expressed that they has got a very basic insight about the IT industry, how this industry is related to the society, the issues in the industry and the importance of collective bargaining to sustain in this industry.

“Tech Corridor” A Software technical session by KPF – A forum for IT professionals.