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Chennai Floods Relief Activities: Update 1

Dear friends,

As part of our social responssibilities, a group of volunteers from our forum have showed their support by distributing relief materials to one of the highly affected area in Velacherry.

We have initially collected few tens of thousands and bought 100 nos of releiematerials like sleeping mats and medicines based on a priliminary enquiry among affected people in that area.

Bharathi Nagar, a hidden behind the posh Velcherry filled with poor people, doing daily wages jobs. More than 200 families have lost all their life savings in this disaster.

By seeing the effects of damages caused to poor people property and their life, we pledged to reach more of our friends and colleagues and contribute more relief materials, help them in rehabilitations, and support their livelihoods.

Need of the hour seems to be in cleaning the affected areas, and help people in rehabilitations, kindly show your support by joining us for volunteering and financial contributions.

For more information contact Barani(7358061133), Welkin(7358061136)IMG_20151209_165017IMG_20151209_165015IMG_20151209_165002IMG_20151209_165000IMG_20151209_164949