Chennai DLF Controversies over calamities.

Dear Friends,

DLF IT Park, which is a busy SEZ and home for more than 50 companies and its employees, has been closed completely after the heavy rain and the floods that followed.

On 9th December 2015, a famous Tamil weekly published an article raising doubts about the utter lack of communication from the side of DLF authorities on damage incurred to infrastructure, vehicles and property of those working in DLF. Even worse, the article mentions that people may have died too.

When employees working in DLF went there to enquire about the damage to their offices and their vehicles, they were treated rudely.

In this background, on behalf of the IT Professionals at DLF IT Park, Knowledge Professionals Forum, Tamil Nadu (KPF) demands the following from DLF authorities:

1) Release internal damage report to public.
2) Clarify the news about loss of life inside the park due to the rains and floods.
3) Apologise for rude behaviour by security personnel to the IT professionals.

KPF volunteers would like to assure the DLF IT Professionals that we will stand with you for justice and truth.

Fellow IT Professionals
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