Hunger Strike against cancellation of offer of Intent by L&T Infotech

Around 70 recruits went to Hunger Strike demanding justice against the unethical act of cancelling offer of Intent by L&T InfoTech for 1500+ Candidates. Seetharaman –General Secretary of KPF (Knowledge professionals Forum) presided over the strike.

The strike was inaugurated by Com.mahendran – National Council member of CPI (Communist Party of India). He stated that the advent of Globalisation has created a barricade for access to Job for the commons. He observed the Occupy Wall Street protest which was driven by students & Youngsters has changed the course of American Politics. And so believes that the change in the current society could be brought only if the younger generation initiate such struggles. He also, demanded the following to avoid such issues in the future.

  • The college that has invited the MNCs for campus recruitment should ensure the transition of Job offers to employment
  • The company that offered the Job should compensate for the waiting period of the recruits if the Joining date is delayed.


Prince Gajendra Babu – A well-known Educational Activist very firmly and strongly put forward a question “Who do the State & central government support- The people who trusted in the laws or people who are trying to bend laws for their convenience”. E also said that the Anna University & AICTE should be ashamed of registered a College that advertises as 100% placement guarantee instead of 100% engineer guaranteed. The company’s registration has to be cancelled if it could not provide the placement guarantee for the jobs.


Dinesh – State Secretary AISF (All India Students Federation), Gautham –State secretary of ESF (Engineering Students Federation), Sukumaran – State secretary of SFI (Student Federation of India) has shared their revolutionary greetings to the candidates. They have made clear that the no. of placements in the college is to attract more no. of admission and to increase capitation fee. They shared their discontent that today’s Educational System does not allow students to stand for their rights.


Com.Appanna- State Secretary of CITU (Central Trade Union) demanded the formation of Worker’s council which is recognised by International trade Union in all Companies because this pact was formally signed by India under Dr.Manmohan Singh in United Nations.


Com.G.Sukumaran – General Secretary of CITU condemned the act of IT companies that follow hire and fire at will policies. The results of Skill assessment before employment and during employment should be taken responsibility by the companies as they are the authority to formulate Skill development.


Com. Sarasvati- A well known Feminist reminded to the candidates that Hunger Strike is our democratic right. She stated that Majority of Education is privatised which is reason why job vacancy in government sector is decreasing and the candidates are left at the mercy of Private jobs. She observed that same like this struggle most of the struggle are conceived and driven by women in recent times.  She has also mentioned that Gender sensitivity and gender inclusivity should be followed in all our actions.

T.K.Rangarajan – Rajya Sabha M.P from CPIM mentioned that the exemption of Standing orders to the IT industry is causing all these issues across the Industry. He has assured his part in meeting the Labour Minister of TamilNadu with the delegation of the candidates and to raise this issue in next Parliament session.


VelMurugan – Sate vice president DYFI (Democratic Youth Federation) has noted that over 3.5 Lack of engineers enter Job market every year but, the jobs available are very less. The Gap between the supply and demand is huge that all the candidates could not be taken into the Job market. He demanded the government should formalise ways to create Jobs and to reduce the gap between supply and demand.


Kiran Chandra – Representative of IT Professionals Welfare Association cheerfully acknowledged that the symbolic strike of the candidates forced the non hearing Media to write about the issue. He also demanded an arbitration mechanism that monitors IT that consists of representatives from following sections such as Students, employee, employer, and government.


C.P.Krishnan – Tamil Nadu General Secretary of BEFI( Bank Employees  Union) , Rajadurai – General Secretary Canara Bank Staff Union, Shanmugam – Deputy General Secretary of BEFI on one tone stated that the organising and collective bargaining capacity in their industry has somewhat provided a Job security for their people. In the similar way such struggles should be taken forward by organising and associating all organisations that work for employee betterment. They have also stated that such struggles will result in victory that covers broader strata of employees.


Com.Raman – Shollinganallur district Secretary of CPIM stated that there is a stigma in today’s younger Generation Student’s mind that Unionisation is a decade old practice and is not relevant in current times. He vehemently denied this statement and said that it is a carefully crafted stain in peoples mind by the wealthy corporate to distance people from the society. He gave a call to the Students to come forward mingle with the society, understand the current politics and get involved in struggles such as this to create a better future for all.


Kanagaraj – State Secretariat member of CPIM (Communist Party of India (Marxist)) mentioned that as a dismissed employee due to Trade union activities, fought along with other dismissed employees and won Financial Compensation. As the General Manager of Theekathir (Tamil Daily of CPIM), he assured his full support for the recruits. He also said that his Party is ready to extend any support needed as assured by T.K.Rangarajan (M.P). He reassured that Theekathir will provide exclusive coverage to this issue. He ended his address by saying that this struggle is not the End, Just the start and a good one.

The Strike was very encouraging to all the recruits who attended the event and turned out to be a tremendous learning experience with valuable talks.

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