Activities of KPF against Cancellation of Offer of Intent to 1000+ recruits by L&T InfoTech

L&T InfoTech had recruited 5800+ graduates for employment from various colleges across the country through its campus recruitment drive in between September and November of 2014. The selected candidates were given Offer of Intent (OoI) which defined the terms and conditions of employment and compensation. After the completion of selection process L&T InfoTech has given joining date for all the recruits. Until November 2015, 60% of the candidates have eventually joined L&T as employees. The joining dates of the remaining candidates were revised periodically until March 2016. All the waiting candidates received an E-mail about an online assessment test to be conducted by L&T InfoTech a week later, with an assurance of issuing final joining date after the test. After 18 months of waiting the recruits appeared for the assessment test with hope to get Job. But, a week after the online test, 1000+recruits have received “Rejection” E-mail, which stated that their offer of intent is cancelled due to their poor performance in the online test.

To fight against this injustice, the recruits contacted KPF (Knowledge professionals Forum) for support. KPF has taken this issue in hand and has started working on the same. The details of the activities are listed below

1. Created an Online Petition to Garner Support from Various people.
KPF has created an online petition in to garner support from all avenues to stand firm and to fight hard for the resolution of this issue. We appealed to all masses and classes to demand Justice.So, far we have received 1500+ signatures in support for us.


2. Letter to CEO & HR of L&T InfoTech.
A letter from KPF demanding the Jobs for the rejected recruits were sent to the CEO & HR Manager of L&T InfoTech on May 5th 2016.

The letter to CEO:

letter and press statement

3. Letter to National Labour Commissioner
A letter from KPF has been sent to the National Labour Commissioner on May 5th 2016 about the unethical activity of L&T InfoTech and demanded an action to bring L&T into questioning of this issue. As, a result of this action a letter has been sent to L&T InfoTech from the Labour commissioner office demanding answers for their action.

The Letter to National Labour Commissioner:


4. Pamphlet distribution in front of L&T office in DLF Chennai
The issue of cancelling offer of the recruits is happening in many places of the country but is not informed to the people working on this industry and to the organisations that govern the policies and guidelines of this industry. To create attention and to spread this issue to the employees of various organisations KPF, along with the recruits has undertaken a pamphlet distribution activity on May 12th 2016. The Pamphlet briefed about the issue and the demands of the recruits. This has gained us Solidarity and Support from various employees and groups to continue the struggle.


Just A Minute

5. Letter to State Labour Commissioner
A grievance letter has been submitted to the State Labour Commissioner on May 20th 2016 explaining the issue and demanding Justice for the affected recruits. The Commissioner office has so far promised to forward the letter to L&T Infotech.

Letter to State Labour Commissioner:

6. A Press meet in Press club
On May 26th 2016 KPF along with the recruits has conducted a press meet in Chennai Press Club detailing the Background of the issue, the requirements of avoiding such issues in future and the demands of KPF & the recruits.

Press Note:




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7. Plan for Hunger Strike.
In Continuation to the activities in the row, KPF has planned to conduct a Hunger Strike along with the recruits on May 30th 2016 at Shollinganallur Junction from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.



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